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I love Night Vale. SO MUCH.

"I know two things: I love you."

"I love you too. What's the second thing?"

"You just said it."

Squeed like a little schoolgirl. Seriously. I love this show. It's good to ship a canon couple.


I learned something neat this weekend!

So I'm playing Sims3.

..yeah, I'm a geek, so what. This game has been sucking my time for a couple weeks now. I forgot how much I loved this game.

So ANYWAY. You can listen to the radio, if you put a stereo in your house, and after all of the expansions, you can actually choose from quite a few different genres. It's impressive how much variety you get.

I'm listening to the Darkwave station, while my supernatural Sims do their thing, and...hey, I totally know this song. It's Bastille's "Laura Palmer", holy shit. Awesome. Not "Pompeii", they went with a more obscure one, good on them. It's in Simlish, of course, the made-up language of the Sims, so the words are nonsense; but damned if it doesn't sound a LOT like the original. They did a REALLY good job of emulating their sound.

...almost too good.

And then I come across this:


WAY TOO GOOD. So I flex a little Google-fu...and yeah. That is TOTALLY ACTUALLY fun. They rerecorded their song for the game, and sung in Simlish. ...and they are not the only ones. A LOT of actual factual bands have recorded Simlish versions of their songs.

Ladytron has done FOUR.

EA Games has way too much money. And access to awesome artists who are willing to not take themselves seriously and sing in a made-up gibberish language. It's awesome.

And now you know, too!

X-Post : ALS:FTS

This one includes pics, if you wanna go to the site. :)
The Rules and Regulations to Rituals and Reminders.Collapse )

posted here, too

I put this on Facebook, but the Book of Faces sucks for finding things later, and this is important.

The Dawn Room is a neat little pick-me-up project someone created for when you're having a bad day. And by "neat little pick-me-up" I mean I was crying like a little girl for like 15 minutes.

Good crying.

And everything felt like it was okay.


Happy Father's Day to some, and happy "You successfully donated genetic material" to others.


I've got my headphones on this morning, listening to something or other. Florence + the Machine, I think. I hear someone talking (because I keep my music low enough that I can still hear people) and look up; an older guy is talking to me. Well, AT me more than TO me; he's making a complaint in general about how everyone at this train station has headphones on. I pull my headphones off my head to rest around my neck.

"Everyone has their headphones on these days," he's lamenting. "And you know, I don't think it's really so they can listen to the music, I think it's more about isolating themselves from everyone else."

"You might be right," I allow.

"You know, isolating yourself like that is a sign of alcohol and drug addiction."

"That's..interesting," I tell him. "Although I don't think that's why everyone does it."

"It's a shame, really. I like people. And these days everyone's shut inside their headphones."

"Well, I took mine off for you," I tell him.

"You did," he allows, smiling. "Thank you. I miss talking to people. Have a great day."

His train pulls up, he gets on, and I put my headphones back on.


I have invented a new phrase. Use it.

I was describing something awesome to someone, and told them that I totally squeed my pants when I saw them.

Yep. So that's now a thing. You're welcome.

“I think I’ve made more wrong decisions in my life than right ones,
I’ve been very selfish, and I’ve hurt a lot of really nice people because of it.
Sometimes I wish I could go back and change a few things.
But, sadly, if anyone could actually grant me a wish,
I’d probably ask for money.”

– 2NU


Is anyone else getting spam on public posts?

Reposting from a community

SO you've maybe heard of Groupon, but there's another one called LivingSocial, it's basically a half-off-or-more coupon every day. Like a $125 limo tour through wine country for $57. Most of it is a bit boring, sure, but sometimes there's really good stuff.

Today's deal is a $20 Amazon gift card for $10.

You can get it here.

Or you can just check them out here.

"Casting director Speedo has some notes on Scout Jr.'s audition for the role of "Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat."

No kittens were harmed in the making of this video, though one was unintentionally startled."

Tech support for my (s)Mother

her: hey! how do I add .wav files to splash pages I make? I want to add sound to my bonus pages.

me: On behalf of net users everywhere, don't!

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