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Holy hell.


Some large pictures of the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Awesome in the actual meaning of the word.

I give you the editorial of Law Dog.

The summary is the best part:

If you are a fan of the Sherlock Holmes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books, then go see this movie.

If you are a fan of the Hollywood Sherlock Holmes, go see Avatar.

If you are a Hollywood movie critic who claims that a pugilistic Sherlock Holmes isn't "faithful to Doyles vision" then I'd like to make one little comment:

You're supposed to read books, not eat them.

Here is Part 24, in which there is a parade. Which comes across like bad fanfic.

Here also is Part 25, in which the Wintergreen Witch comes to a bizarre conclusion.

And finally, Part 26, in which the whole story comes to kind of a stupid end, honestly.

I would have ditched the Cinnamon Bear somewhere around episode 16 I think. He's a jackass. And the bickering between him and Crazy Quilt once they got to Santa's place was obnoxious. But there you have it.

The whole thing will remain on my site here:


if you want to pull it down.

I've been neglecting the Cinnamon Bear!

Not that anyone's complained. Still.

Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23

In which the twins meet a big fat man, there is much jollility (yes that is a word shut up) and a whole lot of filler occurs.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Part Twenty - in which...some more filler. And the Wintergreen Witch learns not to mess with the US.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

And here's Part Nineteen - in which the Cinnamon Bear is WOAH RACIST and run afoul of (dun-dun-dunnnnnnnn) Filler. Gasp!

"That's the way it is with witches - they pop up when you least expect them."

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Part Eighteen is where the Cinnamon Bear is rescued in the nick of time, and then things get a little racist.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Episode 17, where Cinnamon Bear ruins EVERYTHING. And then they run afoul of foul things. YAH YAH YAH

And Heeeeere's the Cinnamon Bear!

And here's Part Sixteen in which an Australian ostrich enjoys a morning repast of scrambled alarm clocks and bacon.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Here's Part Fifteen - in which Queen Melissa (who's almost as pretty as Mother) gives the twins magic instructions that can only be read in the dark.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

A little late today!

Here's Episode Thirteen - in which they find their way out of the painting but not out of trouble. Trouble in Technicolor!

And Here's the Cinnamon Bell!

Here's Part Twelve, in which they meet up with Crazy Quilt Dragon, whom expounds on his aquatic achievements, was possessed, and they meet the Rhyming Rabbit, who "talks just like a poem sounds". And then Cinnamon Bear learns to Always Let the Bumblebee Be.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Here's Part Eleven - in which we meet Fee Fo, the Gentle Giant, and they all try to get out of the Magic Forest.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Here's Part Ten - in which Jimmy pulls a disappearing act, they all three across a dictionary-wielding owl, and learn about the Wintergreen Witch.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Here's Part Nine - in which the twins have a problem with authority and Cinnamon Bear's kind of a jerk.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Here's Part 8 - in which back home she may be a little girl, but with pirates, Judy is a lady. And there is candy. So much candy.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Here's Part Seven - in which Judy gets a quickie and they all meet a slightly terrific magician. Judy is entreated to be a regular twin and not a sniveling girl.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

Here's Part Six - in which Judy and Jimmy meet a manic depressive whale, a conceited seal, and a pelican. And stars apparently make squealing noises.

And Here's the CInnamon Bear!

Here's Part Five - in which Judy, Jimmy, and Cinnamon Bear come across some unexpected help in the form of bureaucracy.

And Here's the Cinnamon Bear!

I forgot to kick this off on time ...again...

What follows is an old-time radio play about the Christmas Time Adventures of the Cinnamon Bear. Puce used to hear this at school every year before Christmas, and it was a big spoonful of nostalgia to find the whole thing on CD one year.

Right-click and save, babies, or launch this with your favorite MP3 program:

Here is Part One - in which we meet our friends Judy and Jimmy, and they go up to the attic to find the Silver Star, but find the Cinnamon Bear instead.

Here is Part Two - in which Judy and Jimmy chase after the Crazy Quilt Dragon in search of the Silver Star to Looking Glass Valley.

Here is Part Three - in which they are trapped at the bottom of Looking Glass Valley, and the Willy the Stork goes Stork Mad, and the Crazy Quilt Dragon is a liar and goes for a root beer dip.

Here is Part Four - in which Judy and Jimmy are arrested by the Inkaboos and brought before King Blotto the Third.

Part Five tomorrow!

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