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Admissions of Irrelevance

Rhymes with Your Mom

Strangely Refreshing
There's a girl in the Portland, Oregon metro area who has a journal, in which she likes to whine. She whines about going to school to become a pastry chef. She tells stories about her job as a baker and pastry chef. She whines about being broke - she's been poor and makes that distinction. She lives with cats and newts and Sea Monkeys. She's Strange, and doesn't quite understand just what this consensual reality is about and why no one seems to notice how utterly bizarre it is.

She's an optimistic person, someone who's generally cheerful and upbeat, but that doesn't come out so much when she writes in her journal or website. She usually only writes when she's unhappy or bored, so people who stumble on her journal might mistake her for an angst-ridden EmoBot. Her darkest secret is that she really, honestly, believes everything's going to be okay. She's a very nice person, and delights in being polite to strangers because they never seem to expect it. She has a gift for getting along with just about everybody, but she has little patience for Dramamamas and MySpace McWhinypants; although she occasionally has bouts of Drama and is patient with those who suffer similar afflictions.

She's really good with baked things of all kinds, and for some perverse reason, she's marvelous with chocolate, even though she doesn't like eating it. She's rounder than necessary because of the sweets she eats, but her baking is usually far more dangerous for the people around her, because she's nothing if not generous when indulging her friends. She likes to look at stars and shiny things in the street. She has an embarrassingly huge sticker collection. Sometimes she dances in her living room. Sometimes she writes rants on the internet on her website. Sometimes she plays games on her computer. Sometimes she draws pictures of girls in corsets. Always she listens to music of all kinds. Without music, she'd be lost.

...She's not me, but I'm remarkably like her.